Art That Keeps On Giving

Superchain Blocs are designed to continually accrue benefit to their owners throughout their existence.

Physical Pieces

Some Blocs begin as physical works before being preserved and expanded digitally; other begin digital first. However, all Superchain Blocs have physical pieces attached.

Physical pieces are available free of charge to the Bloc owner. Requesting the physical piece is a matter of choice – it adds another way to appreciate the work in the Bloc, makes it logistically harder to sell.

Bloc owners have the option to request a physical piece whenever; but the ownership token will be modified to include the physical piece’s existence as part of the record. The works will always be available digitally even if the physical piece is lost or damaged.

Digital ownership is available now, with planned extensions to be revealed later.

Future Benefits

Superchain locks in the Bloc creator’s vision while allowing for it to be expressed and accessed in many ways. Planned extensions are currently on hold due to interrupted launch roadmap.

Cryptographic Security

Blocs are created to last forever, even if the internet or any specific blockchain fails. The work is preserved outside of the network for security.

While this guarantees the security of the work of art and culture, the best security for ownership is on-network. Bloc ownership is represented with a token on the Ethereum network. If a more secure and stable ownership system becomes available, this can be upgraded without affecting the integrity of the work. Your ownership of a Bloc is forever, secure, and applies across all platforms unless you sell.

Cryptographic ownership is secure and allows for the least friction in buying and selling Blocs, especially if a physical piece is not a part of the Bloc.


Art that keeps on giving to the owner starts with the act of giving to others. 8% of every Bloc’s first sale goes to a cause selected by the artist.

Advice to buyers: do not sell.

Superchain Whitepaper, Section VI “The Structure”