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Launch DAY 2021-10-01
Season 2 Complete with:
喜928 “How Do You Put A Human On The Blockchain?”
Season 3 underway

Superchain is a collection of art and culture created to last forever. One new work, called a Bloc, is added every day.
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喜934: Prophecy

2021.07.22 / 8.GURU / view

On This Day

喜203: Lux / 8.GURU / view

喜569: Sagittarius V / 8.GURU / view

Superchain uses technological concepts to preserve every work forever; but is completely independent of any technology platform. When we create to last forever, we completely change the incentives around creative expression. Superchain is created to allow richer and deeper culture to flourish.

Superchain’s eternal mission is founded on eternal virtues. 8% of every Bloc’s sale goes to greater causes.