The Bloc is a medium that allows artists of all kinds to create works of unlimited scope and depth. Superchain locks in the artist’s vision and encrypts it for posterity.

The work is forever accessible to anybody with the Bloc number, providing the artist with a contribution to the public sphere and the eternal record.

At the same time, ownership – and any physical pieces – can be privately bought and sold. Superchain enables the artist to be paid for their work and do good.

Artists and creators of all kinds can produce forever works on Superchain. The Bloc medium was developed over three years 2018-2021 with input from creators from around the world, including painters, sculptors, poets, writers, photographers, and digital artists.

There are no prerequisites or credentials required, other than an understanding of the culture and purpose as outlined in the Superchain Whitepaper. All evaluations are made on merit and fit. If you are interested in Superchain, get in touch to build:

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