What is a Bloc?

A Bloc is a work of art and culture. Each Bloc has each its own Bloc Number, which begins with the Superchain symbol 喜. One new Bloc is created every day and stored forever on Superchain.

Blocs can be found by their title, their Bloc number, or the day they were created. No matter where a piece of art or culture from the Superchain is found, it can always be verified to be real by checking the Bloc number. Collectors can buy and sell Blocs securely while the works within are guaranteed to always be viewable by the public.

The easiest way to view Blocs is here, on the Superchain website. Explore Superchain using the menus, or type a number into the search bar.

Superchain is stored forever, across many different places. Because of this, there are many other ways you can explore Blocs.

Source of Truth

The Bloc File is the source of truth for what the Bloc officially contains. It is a zip file signed with the Superchain signature, that verifies all the works contained within the Bloc and the order they should be presented. Every Bloc has its own Bloc File, that verifies its contents and the contents of every previous Bloc on Superchain.

The Bloc file is simple and designed to be readable by humans and machines. It does not make for the best viewing experience, but it contains the official record of the Bloc contents, and the highest quality version of the digital files. Bloc files can be very large.

All Bloc Files are available in the Repository.

Physical Pieces

The official record of the art and culture in a Bloc is stored digitally on Superchain. However, all Superchain Blocs are designed to have a physical representation. Many Superchain Blocs begin as physical works that are then digitally signed to be stored forever.

Physical pieces from Superchain are always a part of the full digital work. They can be labelled with the Bloc number for reference and traded as part of the Bloc ownership.

The physical aspect of Bloc viewership and ownership has been delayed, and will become available at a later date.

Digital Pieces

The Bloc is a digitally native medium for art and culture, that is unlimited in its scale and scope. A Bloc has no limit on the number of files it can contain, and contains at a minimum two types of media (image and text).

Because Blocs are composed of many different elements, those elements can be hosted and viewed on different platforms. Wherever a piece from a Bloc is viewed, the Bloc number can be included to direct the viewer to experience the full work on Superchain.

Art and culture from within a Bloc can then be viewed in many different digital locations – as well as in person with physical ownership.

Technical Details

You can read more at the Superchain Technical Discussion.