How To Use The Superchain

The art and culture of the Superchain is created to last forever. To make sure it will always be available, it is stored in many places.

No matter where you find it, it is always the same. One new work is added every day.

Because the Superchain is stored in many places, there are many different ways you can view pieces.

Website | Download | Blockchain | Ownership


The Superchain website is the easiest way to explore and share the chain. It has two URLs:

Congratulations! You are on the website right now.

Viewing Pieces

Every piece is part of a ‘Bloc’, which has a number.
One new Bloc is added every day since 2019-1-1.

You can view the latest Bloc on the HOMEPAGE or recent Blocs at RECENT.

You can see a list of all blocs since the beginning at the REPO.

You can go to a specific number by URL:
For number 喜69, go to

Or if you see a Bloc number in text somewhere, you can turn it into a URL by copying and pasting with a change:
喜69 -> 喜.co/69

That will take you to the Bloc page.

Online Viewing

The Bloc page online contains pieces shown as images, text, and other media. They are shown in a sequential order that is part of the composition of the Bloc. You can view the Bloc pleasantly by simply scrolling down the page.

You can go to the previous or next Bloc in the Superchain by clicking the buttons on the page.

The Golden Rectangle at the top of the Bloc page is only found online, as a preview of the content for visual browsing. This is not an official part of the work.

Images in the Superchain are super high resolution. They are scaled down to suit your screen size when viewing online.

To explore a single image in high resolution, right click or tap and hold and open in a new tab. You can zoom and scroll.

We are continually developing new ways to engage with the Superchain online.

Online images are lower in quality and resolution than the downloadable files. If you like a specific piece and want to see it in ultra high resolution and full quality, you can download the Bloc file.


Downloading Bloc files lets you explore them completely, with images in highest digital resolution and other media stored in its original format.

Bloc files also have some technical content and occasionally attachments or bonus content. These are stored together as a zip file. Simply download, unzip, and explore the folder.

You can find a download link for every Bloc in the REPO.


The Superchain can also be found on blockchains, where you can buy, sell, or trade ownership of a Bloc. Your ownership of a Bloc is displayed and secured on the blockchain.

Currently, the only blockchain version of the Superchain is on Ethereum, where ownership is represented with a NFT smart contract token. You can view Blocs for sale at OpenSea, or by clicking the link at the bottom of an online Bloc page.

In the future, the Superchain may be available on other blockchains in other ways, but ownership will transfer across.


The Superchain is early in its existence and ownership is currently only represented on blockchain. We are developing new representations and benefits that will be delivered to owners of all Blocs, such as physical copies for home display or access to digital files at original resolution (much higher than download resolution).

Because ownership benefits are developing, it is advisable for Bloc owners to hold on to ownership.