About Superchain

The Bloc Chain For Culture

Superchain is a collection of art and culture created to last forever. All kinds of works can be made with a medium called the Bloc, which uses technology to allow unlimited artistic and creative expression.

Only new Bloc of work is added every day. This rate is set in stone by the Superchain design. Every Bloc is numbered, and Superchain has been extended by one new Bloc per day since 喜1 on January 1, 2019.

Superchain’s artistic and cultural vision, along with an overview of how technology achieves them, are summarized in the Superchain Whitepaper.


Superchain was conceived and developed by 8.GURU starting on August 8th, 2018. The first Bloc, 喜1, was live on January 1, 2019. Superchain was developed intensively around the world over a period of three years before its launch work, First Apology, was completed.

Superchain is designed to be forever, and will continue significant transformation.


Superchain uses blockchain concepts, like encryption and permanence, to make sure the artist’s vision is locked in, protected forever, and always accessible to the public. However, it is independent of any blockchain and so will survive even in the case of network failure. The “super” in Superchain is from the Latin meaning “above/beyond”, as Superchain is above other chains and can be strengthened by replication on any one of them. Built to survive catastrophic risk, Superchain’s primary concern is protecting the works within forever. Read more at What Is a Bloc? and get more details in the Superchain Technical Discussion.


Every Bloc has physical artwork attached to it that its owner can claim at no charge. Blocs are designed to accrue benefits to their owners throughout their lifetimes – art that keeps on giving. Learn more about ownership:

Blocs can be owned, with ownership traded on OpenSea. Art from Blocs can also be bought featured on limited edition expressions by Forever Club.

For Creators

Works of art and culture of all kinds can be stored on Superchain. Development involved collaboration and consultation with hundreds of other artists, specifically focusing on non-digital artists to ensure all kinds of visions could be created and captured. Superchain allows for unlimited depth and scope of works, permanently stored and accessible to the public, while enabling artists to be paid and to do good.

We are open to discussions with creators of all kinds.


When creating to last forever, we are incentivized to maintain eternal values. Chief among these is charity. Every Bloc sold makes a contribution to a greater cause, a promise locked in as permanently as the Blocs themselves.