Every Superchain Bloc has a physical work of art attached to it.

The physical piece or pieces attached to the Bloc can be claimed by the owner free of charge. Ownership is secured and traded digitally to begin with, giving the owner the option once they buy.

Physical pieces are originals or premium quality reproductions (for digital-first art) that have been issued, digitally signed, and delivered to the owner. Owners can enjoy the pleasure of displaying forever art from Blocs in their collection within their own homes.

When physical pieces are claimed, the ownership token is updated to include the existence of the physical piece. This makes the Bloc more difficult to sell, because the new buyer will expect delivery of a physical piece. Blocs are initially sold digital-only for this reason, leaving the choice to the first owner. Any owner can claim a physical piece for the first time.

Physical pieces will become available to Bloc owners at a later date. Read more at the Roadmap.